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Revolutionizing how the global extended workforce is procured and managed.

The Modern Guide to Total Workforce Management

Ardent Partners analyzes strategies and gives recommendations for launching total workforce management initiatives.

Southwest Airlines Success Story

Learn how the airline enhanced and expanded its self-sourcing program, saving millions on talent acquisition.

Combining Strengths to Lead the Industry

Learn how the IQN merger allowed us to assemble the brightest, most experienced team within the industry.

Vendor Management System


    Cost Savings

    Eliminate rogue spending. Consolidate suppliers. Benchmark rates.



    Use advanced analytics to reveal where your organization spends its money.


    Operational Efficiency

    Automate procurement cycles. Reduce time to fill positions.

Vendor Management System

Self-Sourcing & Talent Pools

Self-Sourcing & Talent Pools

  • The Right Talent

    Select and engage the right talent, at the right time, at the right price.

  • Cost Savings

    Lower the cost of acquiring talent by 10 to 35 percent or more.


    Increased Efficiency

    Reduce time to fill by 50 percent or more.

2017 Beeline + IQN Conference

More than just an event. Network with industry peers in Orlando, Florida on May 1-3.

Innovating to Future-Proof Your Workforce

Learn why Staffing Industry Analysts Rated Beeline #1 for Innovation

From Our Blog

Clients Enthusiastic About Continuity and Convergence as Merger Moves Quickly

A lot can happen in only one month. This has become abundantly clear as Beeline and IQNavigator merge into the world’s largest independent provider of contingent workforce management solutions.

Gaining Visibility Into Your Worker Data

If you’re a program manager responsible for contingent labor, this makes it hard for you to do your job. After all, how can you provide your executives an understanding of what is occurring within the organization when you don’t have visibility into data about your workers that is most important to your business?

Dreams Do Come True…In The Wall Street Journal

The article covers the multitude of reasons that companies and government agencies have trouble determining just how many non-employee workers there are: “

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