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Contingent Workforce Solutions for the Communications Industry

Communications, Media & Entertainment Companies Use Vendor Management Systems (VMS) to Source and Manage Non-employee Talent

For most communications and media companies, human capital expenses represent the largest cost of doing business. To reduce fixed costs and increase agility, industry leaders increasingly supplement their permanent employees with a flexible workforce of contingent staff, consultants, and business service contractors.

Managing this agile contingent workforce presents a range of challenges. This is why so many organizations turn to vendor management systems (VMS) from Beeline to source and manage their non-employee resources.

VMS Solutions Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency, and Mitigate Risk

Vendor management systems are web-based application that automate every step of the process of engaging of non-employee workers, from job requisition through billing and payment to evaluation and reporting. By managing all contingent workers in the VMS, purchasing and HR professionals can ensure that every step is accomplished in accordance with company policies and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Too often, in their urgency to engage contingent talent, managers sidestep company policy to hire freelancers or consultants, and these resources are not accounted for in corporate planning, budgeting, or forecasting. Worse yet, their access to facilities, networks, or data may not be adequately monitored, creating serious risks.

Risk-proof Your Non-employee Workforce

It is vitally important to understand the risks – as well as the opportunities – non-employee workers represent. In addition to obvious security risks, there are other risks associated with using non-employee labor that can be devastating to organizations to fail to recognize and mitigate them, particularly legal risks associated with worker misclassification and co-employment. To take advantage of the very real opportunities this agile workforce represents while mitigating risk, companies must institute consistent governance, policies, and procedures for managing contingent workers. And all managers of non-employee talent within the organization must follow them.

Healthcare Leaders Trust Beeline

To manager their contingent workforce programs efficiently, cost-effectively, and in compliance with regulations and corporate policies, many communications, media, and entertainment industry leaders worldwide depend on Beeline. From job requisition to job completion, from temporary staffing to complex, statement of work (SOW) based services, Beeline streamlines the entire process, allowing our customers to:

  • Reduce costs through the elimination of rogue spending

  • Improve business intelligence through analytics and forecasting

  • Provide real-time cost benchmarks across skill sets and geographical scope

  • Increase compliance through better categorization of workers

  • Find skilled talent faster and more easily through direct sourcing and talent pools

  • Improve the quality of contractors and staffing suppliers

  • Interface with existing IT infrastructure

  • Consolidate billing and improve invoice accuracy

Guidelines for Choosing a VMS Partner

Minor differences in VMS functionality and service offerings can have a major impact on your contingent workforce program’s success.

Some of the factors you should consider:

Workforce Analytics

You program data is a treasure house. Beeline’s award-winning analytics toolkit will unlock it, to help you make better, more strategic staffing decisions.


Peace of mind comes from knowing that your data is secure. Protecting our clients’ data is our highest priority. You can be confident that Beeline’s software, state-of-the-art data centers, and processes – regularly audited by recognized independent authorities –is designed to ensure the security of your data.

Global Expertise

When the time comes to implement your program internationally, you need both global and local expertise. We support successful programs in more than 120 countries, providing a deep understanding of local laws and business practices.

Customer Support

You need and deserve more than a 24-hour help line. With Beeline, you can depend on unparalleled strategic and operational support to ensure your success throughout your program’s lifecycle.


As your contingent workforce needs change, your VMS partner keep you at least one step ahead. We make technology that adapts to your business needs, instead of forcing your business to fit our technology.


You need a partner that understands how workforce trends and technological innovation intersect. We get it, and the result is customer-centric innovation that gives you a competitive edge.

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