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Our Culture

Certain principles are fundamental to our success, and the success of our customers. If we can adhere to our principles, we will reach our goal of providing the best workforce intelligence solutions with unbelievably great service. 

Here are just a few of our principles to give you some insight into how we work to serve our customers:

Customer Focus

At Beeline, the definition of a customer is “anyone who isn’t me.” Accordingly, we treat everyone as a customer and that includes each other, clients, suppliers, partners, and prospective customers.

Direct Communication

We are candid with one another and don’t talk behind each other’s backs. We are courageous in our communication. 

Assume Positive Intent

We believe that everyone here is trying to do the right thing. We don’t assume others are trying to hurt us.

Find the Way

We will find the way to deliver the right solution to fit our client’ long-term needs.


We take personal accountability for everything – and don’t blame others.

Community Outreach

We focus most of our time on making a difference in the workplace, but we also strive to make a difference outside of it. We are proud to support a number of deserving organizations and programs, including

Global Outreach

Our global community of employees is proud to call these countries and territories home

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