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The Right Talent for Every Industry

Beeline Helps All Kinds of Industries Engage and Manage the Contingent Talent They Need to Compete

In an on-demand world, new leaders will emerge in every industry – companies with business structures based on small cores of full-time employees and powerful ecosystems of non-employee talent. This agile mix of employees and external workers will provide a competitive advantage over companies still dependent on a legacy workforce model.

Beeline’s contingent workforce solutions, including our vendor management systems (VMS), are giving companies in a variety of industries the tools and technology they need to manage the future of work.

Contingent Workforce Solutions for Industry Leaders

Financial Services

The contingent workforce is a growing part of today’s world economy —particularly in the financial services sector. Yet it is difficult to quantify the number of contingent workers who work for banking and financial services firms.


Being able to scale the workforce is vital for retailers in today’s economy. This is why so many global retailers (82% in one recent estimate) depend on contingent workers in order to keep fixed costs low and flexibility high.

Oil & Gas

Today’s energy and natural resource industries, including oil, gas, and mining companies, depend heavily on a workforce composed of up to 80 percent contractors and contingent workers.


It is a time of dynamic change in the healthcare market, from biopharmaceutical production and distribution, to the provision of medical services and the management of medical records and billing in an increasingly digital, highly regulated, publicly scrutinized, and relentlessly litigious environment.


Agility is vitally important in the technology industry. This is why so many leading tech companies supplement their permanent employees with an on-demand workforce of contingent staff, consultants, and service contractors.


For communications and media companies, human capital expenses represent the largest cost of doing business. To reduce fixed costs and increase agility, they depend on a flexible workforce that includes contingent staff, consultants, and service workers.


To operate fast-moving business, you need an agile workforce. This is why so many leading logistics and transportation companies supplement their permanent employees with an on-demand workforce of contingent staff, consultants, and service contractors.


A rapidly evolving workforce is re-shaping power and utilities organizations as a generational shift and rising turnover align to affect productivity. Utility companies increasingly rely on an agile mix of contingent staff, consultants, and service contractors.

Qualities You Need in a VMS Partner

Depending on your industry, minor differences in VMS functionality can have a major impact on your program’s success. Contact Us learn why more and more global business leaders choose Beeline.