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An easy, cost-effective way to unlock the value of your invoices.

Many companies are extending their payment terms to 90, 120 and even 180 days. This puts businesses in a cash crunch, adversely affecting working capital. Beeline’s new partnership with invoiceXcel allows you to quickly and cost effectively receive early payment from the value of your invoices. No more waiting up to 180 days for payment. It’s your money, paid early.

Why invoiceXcel?

invoiceXcel helps to financially secure your supply chain while providing you the opportunity to extend days payable and earn incremental revenue.

  • Lower costs: invoiceXcel is as low as 1/3 the cost of the competition – and there are no hidden fees.

  • Not a loan: It is not a loan; it is not debt to you. Simply your money paid early.

  • No credit checks: Invoice payment is based on your customer’s credit not yours.

  • Easy to use: Simply log in and select from one up to all eligible invoices to be submitted.

  • Quick payment: Approved invoices are paid in as little as 1 day, with same day options available.

  • Suppliers of any size: invoiceXcel can meet the funding needs of companies large and small; from $10,000 to $300,000,000 and more.

  • No hidden fees: We disclose all fees up front.

  • Easy to sign up: Our online application takes less than 10 minutes to get started.

Xcelerate Your Working Capital

Requesting accelerated payments delivers numerous benefits to businesses. For starts, it is a low cost timely way to address your working capital needs. No matter what the industry, this is the optimum solution for strengthening and driving business growth.

invoiceXcel is an easy, cost-effective way to receive your money, paid early.
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invoiceXcel was launched by Raistone Capital to offer a cost effective receivables finance product that benefits Suppliers, Banks and Corporates.
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It is not a loan. It’s your money, received early. 

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