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Our Mission

To unleash the potential of your contingent workforce.

Talented people drive your business forward. This is why people are at the heart of everything we do, and our software proves it. Whether it’s connecting you with the best external talent, discovering opportunities for cost-savings, or the people within our own organization that enable you to do just that, our ‘service above self’ mentality is embedded into our culture and filters out into our communities. Other VMS providers say, “this is what you have to do.” Beeline says, “tell us what you need and we’ll solve this together.”



Experience the people-first VMS difference. We invite you to learn more about our company, our culture, and all the other reasons so many Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies choose Beeline as a valued solution partner.

Don’t take our word for it

Service above self.

For more than 20 years, we have helped customers optimize their non-employee workforce. Everything we do is designed to improve quality, minimize costs, and reduce risks, so your external workers and service providers can create the most value for your business.

Beeline’s vendor management system (VMS) and related solutions help more than 300 leading organizations worldwide increase profitability and flexibility by utilizing an agile mix of employee and non-employee talent.

Our Culture

There is Something Different About Beeline. And That Difference is Good for Our Customers

Do companies create unique cultures? Or do cultures create unique companies?

Whichever direction this process flows, the important question is, “Does the company’s culture improve its chances for success?”

When that culture focuses on our customers’ success, we believe the answer is, “Yes.”

Over 20 years, we have determined that certain principles are fundamental to the success of our customers. If we can adhere to our principles, we will reach our goal of providing the best contingent workforce management solutions and our success will grow along with our customers.


Beeline’s Principles

Here are some of the principles we apply every day as we strive to deliver the best combination of products and service for our customers.

Customer Focus

At Beeline, the definition of a customer is “anyone who isn’t me.” Accordingly, we treat everyone as a customer and that includes each other, clients, suppliers, partners, and prospective customers.

Direct Communication​

We are candid with one another and don’t talk behind each other’s backs. We are courageous in our communication.

Assume Positive Intent

We believe that everyone here is trying to do the right thing. We don’t assume others are trying to hurt us.

Find the Way​

We will find the way to deliver the right solution to fit our client’ long-term needs.

Community Outreach

While we spend most of our time making a difference for our clients in the workplace, we also strive to make a difference outside of work. We are proud to support a number of deserving organizations and programs, including: