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Innovative Technology Drives our Spectrum of Workforce Management Solutions

Human capital is most organizations’ most important asset and its largest single operating expense. Today it is also
most organizations’ greatest challenge. They fear that they don’t have, and can’t acquire, the top-tier talent their
companies need to compete and succeed.

To respond, Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies are expanding their use of non-employee talent to create a more
agile, more competitive workforce. And they are increasingly turning to our software solutions for comprehensive
management of all categories of contingent labor, including temporary staff, statement of work (SOW) based contractors,
service workers, consultants, retirees on retainer, independent contractors, freelancers, and alumni.

Our intelligent workforce solutions—including vendor management systems (VMS)—help procurement, sourcing, and human
resources professionals optimize costs, reduce risks, and add value to their local and global contingent labor

Here are few of the technology-driven contingent workforce solutions and capabilities that make a VMS so valuable.

Contingent Staffing

By sourcing contingent staff through Beeline VMS, organizations get access to a more competitive market for non-employee talent with greater visibility and measurability. Through vendor-neutral sourcing, approved suppliers receive job requisitions based on client-defined rules. Suppliers respond with potential candidates who, in turn, follow pre-defined qualification processes. Beeline VMS automatically facilitates this competitive model, which results in faster time-to-fill, higher quality candidates, more competitive pricing, and improved supplier performance.

Automating the sourcing and management of contingent workers, both professional and temporary staff, is often the starting point for creating an effective contingent workforce program. Whether you outsource your program to one or more managed services providers (MSPs), use a master vendor, manage the program internally, or use a hybrid model,
Beeline can easily configure the right technology, processes, and policies for your organization.

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Services Procurement

Today’s extended workforce includes more than just contingent staffing. It also includes a multitude of service categories operating under a variety of complex contractual relationships. Contractual complexity and the varied ownership of project-based services can create chaos in an organization.

Fortunately, our Beeline VMS is designed to manage more than your contingent staffing suppliers. From sourcing to invoicing, Beeline VMS gives organizations all the tools they need to reduce your administrative burden, improve service quality, lower costs, and minimize risks for all of your stakeholders. Our Services Procurement solution aligns with organizational processes—so contingent workforce program management can more effectively source, negotiate, engage, and manage all kinds of project-based initiatives.

Services Procurement can help organizations:

Improve control through simple, efficient templates and workflows

Reduce risk and enforce compliance by drafting SOWs on the buyer’s terms, not the suppliers’ terms

Get all project activity and financial details in a single view

Enable quicker decision-making based on real-time project measurements and data

Ensure quality and cost-effective project deliverables through competitive sourcing

Know all consultants working across multiple projects, globally-who they are, where they are, what they are doing, and what facilities, networks, data, and intellectual property they have access to

Use objective supplier metrics to benchmark and rationalize your services supply chain.

Resource Tracking

Companies often tend to overlook non-employee workers that are not sourced and managed through their centralized contingent workforce program office. These workers can include security contractors, food service workers, facilities maintenance staff, and many other categories of untracked labor. In addition to security risks, these untracked workers can create potential compliance issues for the organization and limit the company’s ability to make comprehensive business decisions about their total workforce.

There is a way to seamlessly track non-employees that fall into special categories outside the normal contingent workforce sourcing process. Contingent workforce program managers will reduce risk and add value to the organization by incorporating these often-overlooked classes of workers into their overall program.

With the Resource Tracking solution built into Beeline VMS, organizations can:

Establish a consistent process for identifying and reporting on all extended workers, regardless of labor type, location, or circumstance

Ensure compliance with organizational policies by automating onboarding and offboarding processes for all extended workers

Mitigate tenure, access, and other policy risks related to previously untracked resources

Reduce duplicate and manual data entry through integrations with HRIS, security, and access systems.

Commitment to Innovation Adds Value

Beeline continues to distinguish itself as a uniquely innovative and customer-centric workforce technology provider that is transforming itself to provide clients value beyond the confines of VMS.”

Andrew Karpie, Research Director, SpendMatters

Self-Sourcing and Talent Pools

To compete and succeed in today’s on-demand business environment, organizations need rapid access to qualified, readily-available talent. Forward-looking companies are leveraging both traditional staffing suppliers and a new sourcing model involving Self-Sourcing and Talent Pools to select and engage the right talent, at the right time, at the right price.

Self-sourcing is the action of finding and engaging talent for contract positions, not through traditional staffing suppliers, but through direct access from your Beeline VMS to both internal and external talent pools.

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Source Talent Faster

The most immediate advantage of using Self-Sourcing and Talent Pools is the ability to source contingent talent faster. But this is not the only advantage. Using Beeline’s self-sourcing technology to access previously identified talent in an organization’s own Private Talent Pool or scarce talent available from broad ranging Public Talent Pools operated by reputable online providers lets users:

Attract professionals with higher pay rates and lower bill rates
Lower the Cost of talent by 15 to 35 percent or more
Reduce Time to fill by 50 percent or more
Expand your access to high-quality talent

Is a VMS Right for You? Then You Need the Right VMS.

For most energy companies, human capital expenses constitute the largest single cost of doing business. Your executives are concerned with ensuring that you can provide the top-tier talent they need to compete and succeed in an on-demand world.

Having an appropriate contingent workforce gives your company the flexibility to reduce the fixed cost of a full-time, expensive bench of talent in times of low productivity. Beeline VMS automates your contingent talent acquisition and management processes to ensure that you can confidently deliver the right contractors and contingent workers – at the right time, the right place, and the right price – to fit each specific situation.